Mom to Mom Coaching


Mom to mom coaching is an ongoing partnership between me and you. Together we’ll work to clearly identify what you want and what’s in the way of you having it. The answers to all your questions are within you; my job is to remind you of your own innate creativity and greatness and call you forward when you stop yourself. A weekly call means that things will start shifting fast — so get ready to experience joy and presence in every area of your life. Transformation happens here.

Kristin didn’t tell me what to do or try to analyze me, but instead she listened to me, asking powerful questions, helping me figure out what I needed or helping me discover things about myself. She also gave me valuable tools for walking through various situations that come up in everyday life. ...I saw positive changes in my work life and home life as a result. Others noticed the changes in me, too, and wanted to know more about my coach. Of course I told them they had to meet Kristin and have her as a life coach too!
— Becca F.