Organizational Coaching

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Create a culture of positivity, passion, and purpose.

Put an empowering and joyful workplace culture within reach for you and your team.

Organizational Coaching aims to align the leadership experience with the team experience, so that everyone is equally invested in a common mission. Intuitive leaders seek coaching because they understand the value of a positive and engaging workplace culture, one that stems from a clear sense of purpose and collective empowerment. Together, we’ll use simple tools to discover what’s missing in the workplace environment and then work as a team to fill those gaps, replacing anxiety and frustration with confidence and collaboration. 

Most of the time, we have all of the answers we are seeking deep within us. Kristin’s gift is her ability to help peel away the layers and help us draw out the answers. Again and again, she has helped me to gain clarity of my path, both on a personal and a professional level. Kristin’s wisdom and guidance has been a quiet strength that has ultimately led me toward achieving my goals.
— Tanya M.