Workshops are a powerful way to create an intimate conversation in a safe space. Groups can be as small as a few people or as large as 100. You’ll walk away re-energized, recommitted, and reinvigorated!

Topics include:

Source Yourself

"Sourcing" is a new buzzword that describes taking care of yourself in a totally new way. We're not talking about eating right and exercising here — this is a much deeper dive into your personal wellbeing. In this workshop, we'll explore your needs and highlight the ways we each sabotage our own self care. You'll walk away with a plan to effortlessly incorporate more wellbeing practices into your everyday life. 

Balance is BS

These days it seems like we're all on a quest for balance. But here’s the question: is balance really what you want? Join me for a workshop that explores the concept of "balance" and gets to the heart of what we all truly want in life.

Learning to Lead: The Power of Acknowledgment

In this workshop we will explore the ways we recognize our teams at work, at home, and in our community. Together we will learn and practice a new way of acknowledgment that is free, takes little time, and leaves a lasting impact.

Power Tools for Living: Creating Your Best Life

This workshop helps you to create the next year of your life from an empowered place. This is not your traditional approach to goal setting. Instead, it gets to the core of what you're yearning for in life, and follows up with structures that will support you in attaining those things. This is an Accomplishment Coaching workshop designed to be facilitated by certified coaches.

Tailored workshops based on the group’s needs are also available.

Kristin is an engaged articulate coach. She is able to quickly guide me though my “life work” and help create a call to action during each session. I am so grateful for the experience to work with her. I encourage friends and coworkers to invest in themselves and work with Kristin when looking to gain clarity in their lives.
— Jenn K.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements powerfully convey the deep lessons I’ve learned through intimately working with people over the years.

I tailor my talks based on the request of the group, specializing in Self-Care, Leadership, and Work-Life Balance.

I felt like I was wrong and needed to be different my whole life. What I really wanted was to break the negative generational pattern of how I was raised and raise my own kids in a healthy, loving way...Through coaching, I realized it starts with me. I got in touch with who I am and my own beliefs and values, so I could be who I wanted to be...instead of just accepting the values that were given to me. The coaching allowed me to process, release emotions, and kept me moving forward. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin.
— Trisha B.
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