About Kristin

As a kid, my dad once asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said I didn’t care, as long as I was in charge.

I think about that story all the time. After years of working in various leadership roles, followed by the most challenging leadership role of all (motherhood, lol!), I discovered that I wasn’t seeking so much to be in charge of others as I was to be in charge of myself. And while I run my own business now, I know that there’s more to being in charge than just being the boss. The work I do with coaching and consciousness means that every day I become more and more aware of the ways that I can shape my life. And knowing that I have the power to create my life as I see fit is nothing less than magical.

But that awareness didn’t come without a few scraped knees.

In February 2016, my coach got really direct with me and told me I was tolerating my life. I was tolerating the heartache of raising my daughter hundreds of miles from my family, I was tolerating having little to no time for myself or my husband as we juggled parenthood, and I was tolerating aspects of my job I didn’t like because I didn’t trust myself enough to create what I really wanted.

It was hard to hear my coach say that. And it was just the kick in the butt I needed.

Fast forward four months. By June 2016, we had sold our house in St. Louis and moved in next door to my parents in North Carolina. I had left my job, started my coaching business, and was learning what it meant to be in charge of my own life. The rest is history. Today, my life works. I’m doing what I love and it fulfills me every day. Ben, Avery and I are surrounded by family and friends. We play together a lot and eat together a lot. Life is FUN, and life is now.

That experience taught me that I don’t have to put up with stuff anymore. I have options, and if I don’t know what they are, I know how I don’t have to figure it out on my own. I’m surrounded by love and support. I refuse to accept good enough anymore, because carpe diem, y’all. We only get this one precious life.

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