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Group Coaching

It’s Your Turn, Mama: Group Coaching for Busy Moms

This group is for the mom who is done surviving and ready to start thriving. Learn and grow with other moms in a collaborative environment dedicated to taking care of yourself and getting your needs met. Together we’ll dream, plan and take action on the goals you have for yourself in your life. The group dynamic is electric; we will generate some serious energy and accountability, as well as creating the connection and belonging that so many moms crave.

This group is for you if any of the below applies:

-you spend a lot of time beating yourself up for not being more present

-you're craving connection and community

-you long for the relationship you had with your partner pre-kids

-you try really hard but it never seems like you've done enough

-you love your kids and don't always love motherhood

-everyone else's needs come before your own

-you really want to love your life but don't know where to start

Program details include:

3 group calls per month for 90 minutes, conducted via Zoom videoconferencing

Two 1:1 coaching calls

6 month commitment

Additional tools and resources will be provided to put new awareness into practice outside of calls.

A private Facebook group will be provided to offer additional support from, and connection with, group members between calls.

Program cost: $497/mo

** Space is limited to 4. Apply below to check availability.

When I first heard about your mom’s group I thought that we were going to talk about being moms and what it’s like, and that wasn’t for me. But now I realize that what we’re doing here is finding a piece of who we are as ourselves; separate from our identity as a mom, wife, daughter, career woman, etc. We’re getting to just BE.”
— B. D.


Are you a professional looking to up level your leadership? Are you hungry for more tools and resources to support your growth? Are you craving a community of other powerhouse leaders to play with, learn from and support?

Welcome. You’ve landed in the right place.

Get ready to become the empowered leader you are meant to be in 2019!

This group program will focus on generating your vision of who you want to be as a leader, space to acknowledge what you're doing well, learn the gaps that are getting in your way, and be supported in growing your authentic leadership style. Experience the magic generated by a group of committed leaders (up to big things!) working together to grow and develop.

Outcomes of this group:

-Learn your secret leader superpower

-Understand leadership is less about doing and more about being

-Discover the underlying thoughts and beliefs that keep you from unleashing your superpower

-Gain new tools and skills for your leadership toolbox that you can put into practice right away

-Create deep connection with teams and discover how to retain great employees

-Learn how to work less, and inspire more

Program details:

4 month program conducted via Zoom videoconferencing

3 calls per month for 90 minutes

Tools and resources will be provided to put new awareness into practice.

Cost to unleash your most authentic leadership self in 2019: $2400

Space is limited to 4 leaders. Apply below for more information.

Creating your Dream Career: Group Coaching for Career Transitions 

This group is for the person who knows that it’s time to take the next step, but doesn’t know where to start. Together we will identify what lights you up, what experience you’re longing to create at work, and the gifts you possess that uniquely qualify you for your next role. Powerful coaching will help you get out of your own way and into purposeful action, with accountability and support from the group. We’ll meet weekly on Zoom calls for a period of 3 months.

I worked with Kristin while I was in the process of making a much needed job change, and within our first couple conversations, she had pinpointed exactly the mental patterns I had created that were holding me back....Kristin opened my eyes to the true impact changing jobs would have on my life and all the opportunities it would open up. Thanks to her, I am starting my new job this Monday, with a much higher salary, better benefits, more vacation days, and with colleagues I can count as mentors as I move forward in my career.
— Meghan H.