Hey there, I’m Kristin. I’m a coach, a leader, and a heart-centered mama.

I’m passionate about helping professional women adjust to the demands of parenting without losing focus on their relationships and personal fulfillment.

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The number one question people ask me. Do you think that coaching really helped you? I’m like heck yes!! I have dreamed about owning my own restaurant my whole life. But I made no progress until I started working with a coach. So yes, I made it happen but she helped me to get to where I wanted to be.
— Mylee Xiong, mama, and owner, GingeRootz Asian Grille

What if you could stop struggling to find balance in your life? What if you could throw out the concept of balance altogether? I have been coaching long enough to know that when women come to me seeking work-life balance, it’s not really the balance they’re after — it’s the joy.

You want to powerfully lead your team and leave a lasting impact.

You want to creatively bring things to life and use your innate gifts.

And then you want to go home and be present with your partner and your kids.

You want to have fun for heaven’s sake!

And you don’t want to lose yourself in the shuffle. 

Well, I’m here to tell you — you can have it all.

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